Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko Anime Locations

Oshi no Ko Anime Locations

“Oshi no Ko” Pilgrimage Sites

“Oshi no Ko” is a popular manga series written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. The story follows the lives of Ai Hoshino, a popular idol, and her doctor, Gorō Saitō, as they are reincarnated into a new world. The manga has gained a large following, and many fans have made pilgrimages to locations featured in the series. These locations are known as “Oshi no Ko” pilgrimage sites.

Synopsis of “Oshi no Ko”

“Oshi no Ko” follows the story of Ai Hoshino, a popular idol who dies during childbirth, and her doctor, Gorō Saitō, who is murdered while trying to uncover the truth behind her death. They are both reincarnated into a new world where they meet again as Aquamarine Hoshino and Ruby Hoshino, respectively. As they navigate their new lives, they must also uncover the truth behind their previous deaths.

The Significance of “Oshi no Ko” Pilgrimage Sites for Fans

For fans of “Oshi no Ko,” visiting pilgrimage sites can be a way to connect with the manga on a deeper level. These locations, which include places in Tokyo and Miyazaki, allow fans to see the real-life places that inspired the settings in the manga. Visiting these sites can also provide an opportunity for fans to meet others who share their love for “Oshi no Ko.”

At the anime-locations.com editorial, we believe that visiting these pilgrimage sites can be a fun and meaningful experience for fans of “Oshi no Ko.” We hope that this article will inspire you to plan your own pilgrimage!