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Kikusuian, Zunda Tea House (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Kikusuian (Zunda Tea House)1
Kikusuian (Zunda Tea House)

Anime Scenes Featuring Kikusuian

In the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen,” Kikusuian’s “Kikufuku” is a famous Japanese confectionery that the sorcerer Gojo Satoru-sensei buys as a souvenir for himself. The design of the paper bag and the name of the shop are clearly depicted in the anime.

Gojo Satoru-sensei’s Souvenir from Sendai

Gojo Satoru-sensei’s Souvenir from Sendai
Gojo Satoru-sensei’s Souvenir from Sendai

In episode 2, Gojo-sensei buys “Zunda Cream Flavor” from Kikusuian as a souvenir from Sendai. This scene shows Gojo-sensei going out of his way to stop at a confectionery shop to buy sweets. The name of the shop, “Kikusuian,” is also clearly visible.

The Famous Kikufuku Manju

The Famous Kikufuku Manju
The Famous Kikufuku Manju

The souvenir that Gojo-sensei buys is a manju called “Kikufuku.” The filling of this delicious-looking manju consists of a green part and a white cream-like part.

Zunda: A Popular Sweet Bean Paste

The green part is made from zunda, a popular sweet bean paste made from mashed edamame and sugar, which is popular in Miyagi and Yamagata.

As the anime-locations.com editorial team, we think that Gojo-sensei’s playful character and his love for delicious food are well represented. Sendai is far from Tokyo, but when you go to the Tohoku region, it is a place you should definitely stop by because it is conveniently located inside Sendai Station.

Overview of Kikusuian

Kikusuian is a Japanese tea house chain with locations throughout Japan. They offer a variety of traditional Japanese sweets and teas, as well as other food and drink options.


The atmosphere at Kikusuian is relaxing and inviting. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about their products, and are happy to help customers choose the perfect tea or sweet to suit their tastes.


Kikusuian’s menu features a variety of traditional Japanese sweets, such as mochi and dorayaki, as well as a selection of teas, including matcha and sencha. They also offer other food and drink options, such as soba noodles and rice bowls.

Online Shopping

Kikusuian also offers online shopping, allowing customers from all over Japan to purchase their products and have them delivered to their doorstep.

The anime-locations.com editorial team recommends visiting Kikusuian to experience traditional Japanese tea culture and to try their delicious sweets and teas. It’s a great place to take a break from sightseeing and enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility.

What to see and do at Sendai Station

Here are five popular things to see and do around Sendai Station for foreign tourists:

S-Pal Sendai

S-Pal Sendai is a shopping mall located near Sendai Station.

Loople Sendai

Loople Sendai is a sightseeing bus that departs from Sendai Station.

Sendai City Tourist Information Center

The Sendai City Tourist Information Center is located on the 2nd floor of JR Sendai Station.

AER Building

The AER Building offers stunning city views from its lookout terrace.

Sendai Asaichi Morning Market

The Sendai Asaichi Morning Market is a market located near Sendai Station.

In addition to these attractions, visitors can also try the famous food of Sendai, such as Beef Tongue and Zunda Sweets. The anime-locations.com editorial team recommends trying these local delicacies while visiting Sendai.

Map to Kikusuian Zunda Tea House


〒980-0021 Miyagi, Sendai, Aoba Ward, Central, 1 Chome−1−1 Sendai Station 3rd floor (in front of Shinkansen central ticket gate)


kikusuian.jp (Japanese)

How to get to Kikusuian Zunda Tea House

Kikusuian Zunda Chaya is located on the 3rd floor of JR Sendai Station, in front of the central Shinkansen ticket gate. Sendai Station is a major railway station located in Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan. It is a stop for all Akita and Tohoku Shinkansen trains, the eastern terminus for the Senzan Line, and a major stop on both the Tohoku Main Line and Senseki Line.

From Tokyo

The easiest way to get to Sendai Station from Tokyo is by taking the Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo Station. The journey takes about 90-120 minutes, with two to three trains running every hour. You can also take a highway bus or drive, but these options will take longer.

By Air

Another option is to fly from Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) to Sendai Airport (SDJ). Flight times vary but are usually around 1 hour. From Sendai Airport, you can take the Sendai Airport Access Line train to JR Sendai Station. The journey takes about 25 minutes.

The anime-locations.com editorial team recommends taking the Tohoku Shinkansen for its speed and convenience. Once you arrive at Sendai Station, you can easily find Kikusuian Zunda Chaya on the 3rd floor of the station.


While Kikusuian Zunda Chaya is a charming tea house, it may not be worth making a trip from Tokyo to Sendai just to visit it. However, Sendai itself is a major city in the Tohoku region with its own attractions and delicious food. If you happen to be in Sendai, Kikusuian Zunda Chaya is definitely worth a visit to enjoy their delicious Japanese sweets and teas, including the famous Kikufuku, which was featured in the anime Jujutsu Kaisen.

The anime-locations.com editorial team recommends visiting Sendai to experience its unique culture and cuisine. If you do visit, be sure to stop by Kikusuian Zunda Chaya for a taste of traditional Japanese sweets and teas.

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